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Filing to become a licensed CA

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Hey there gentle readers,

I am completing paperwork on behalf of Collier Technologies LLC which is required (as described in chapter 19.34 RCW [pdf]) to file with the state of Washington to become a licensed Certification Authority.

CPS (signed)

Look! I’m also running a(n unrecognized) repository!

Neat, huh?


IronRuby continuous integration back online

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We haven’t done much work on keeping the continuous integration (CI) machines online, and there haven’t been any new builds since November of ‘09. I should set Nagios to remind us when things get off track or something. The recent acceptance of the DLR into Debian and our intention to get the next release produced has inspired me (and maybe others) to get things back up.

Ivan and I put a couple of Hudson instances up recently that you can reach via hudson-windows.colliertech.org and hudson-linux.colliertech.org. The linux instance is dropping new builds of IronRuby to http://dlrci.colliertech.org/ironruby/. I expect we can tweak the build script a bit and have it also produce IronPython builds. This would hypothetically drop the builds to http://dlrci.colliertech.org/ironpython/.

Ivan mentioned that we may get CNAME records which would activate the windows-builds.ironruby.net and linux-builds.ironruby.net hosts as well.

Note that these builds are being produced from the linux branch of git://github.com/casualjim/ironruby.git

Thanks for your work on this, Ivan!

More DLR work

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Ivan put up a hudson server on our winders box. Ankit helped me figure out the IronRuby xbuild build problems. I should probably try it on IronPython, too. I sent the ironruby-core list a patch to fix some case sensitivity issues. Some time in the near future, I’m going to get together a bug report for the compiler and send it off to Marek. But I’m tired and Scarlet’s got a friend doing the sleep-over thing tonight.

So. Later ;)

P.S., can you believe that nobody registered a11y.com before now? Crazy talk.

P.P.S., does anyone out there in gnome land have a ruby app they want to test for compatibility with IronRuby?

SAN configuration (AoE)

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With the help of a couple of friends, we’ve put a 4.5T RAID-5 machine on our network and I’m trying to figure out how to share the storage with the rest of the hosts. In the past, I have used NFS and CIFS/Samba to provide access to remote hosts. This has generally worked okay so long as the server stays online.

I don’t know if the results are going to be much different, but I am now trying a different approach. I plan to run an iSCSI server, and I’ve already configured AoE (ATA over Ethernet). I’ve exported a block device on the network segment and mounted it on a remote host. This was pretty easy to configure. There is a bit of documentation on the internet already, but I’ll give another quick overview.

I gave the storage server the unoriginal name ’san0′. This host is running debian lenny. I am testing the configuration from my debian sid development host, which has the similarly unoriginal name ‘dev0′. So, think server when you see ’san0′ and client when you see ‘dev0′.

I assume that you’ve already got an LVM volume group set up. Mine is called ‘vg0′. Correct the following examples to account for any differences. You can use disk partitions instead of LVM logical volumes.

Create a logical volume to be exported:

cjac@san0:~$ sudo lvcreate /dev/vg0 -n e0.1 -L 5G

Load the AoE kernel module:

cjac@san0:~$ sudo modprobe aoe

Install the package containing the vblade block device export server:

cjac@san0:~$ sudo apt-get install vblade

Export the block device. Note that the ethernet bridge on which I export the device is called ‘loc’:

cjac@san0:~$ sudo vbladed 0 1 loc /dev/vg0/e0.1

Install the AoE discovery tools on the client:

cjac@dev0:~$ sudo apt-get install aoetools

Load the AoE kernel module:

cjac@dev0:~$ sudo modprobe aoe

Probe for exported AoE devices:

cjac@dev0:~$ sudo aoe-discover

Verify that our exported device was discovered:

cjac@dev0:~$ test -e /dev/etherd/e0.1 && echo "yep"

You can now treat /dev/etherd/e0.1 as you would any other block device. You can format it directly, or partition it and format a partition, use it as a device in your software RAID array, use it as swap space (ha), or something completely different.

Now to figure out this iSCSI stuff…

IRC logs for #ubuntu-us-wa

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Hello, google. I would like to introduce you to our chat logs. Chat logs, google. Google, chat logs.

We will discuss things here such as Mono, GNOME and Debian. We may even use it to talk about work on the DLR project stuff.

dlr-languages package passes another hurdle

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It looks like the upload of the Iron* languages to Debian is imminent. We’ve gotten the debian/watch file downloading a tarball of the git tag we’ve chosen for this release. This was the last bit meebey needed in order to present it to the maintainer of ironpython in lenny. He has agreed to let the Debian CLI Libraries Team adopt ironpython under the conditions that our packaging doesn’t suck and that he remains in the uploaders list.

Now that we have a package suitable for review, we have now presented it for said review.

Let me take a moment to mention how excited I am to be involved in packaging for Debian one of the first pieces of DFSG-compliant software sponsored by Microsoft. This is a true community effort with great work done by a lot of hard-working contributors. I believe that Microsoft has put its money where its mouth is with this project.

I have spent a fair amount of time criticising Microsoft for its “embrace and extend” sort of monopolistic actions. Having the somewhat unique experience of being a Debian GNU/Linux early-adopter and growing up in Microsoft’s back yard has given me the opportunity to bring up the concerns that the Free Software community has with the development practices of the 800-pound gorilla. To my surprise, the blue badger engineers with whom I have spoken have been responsive and even proactive in addressing the issues that have made Microsoft so combative toward the F/OSS development community. I see this as a very important step toward reconciling some poignant differences in the community.

Looking to get Iron* and the DLR into RedHat

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I sent an email to the Fedora Legal list asking whether they will accept software released under the MS-PL license. My friend and former colleague, Brett Lentz mentioned that he was concerned that the Fedora folks might not accept software released under the MS-PL. So I asked. I also bcc’d a certain troll on said mail so as to get lots of flame mail. I’m practicing to become a master twitterbaiter.

14:43 < cj> wakko666: so… we are building ironruby/ironpython debian packages over on OFTC/#debian-cli
14:43 < wakko666> k
14:43 < cj> meebey just packaged up mono in .deb
14:44 < cj> with some backported patches required to get the DLR language engines running correctly
14:44 < wakko666> k
14:44 < cj> we’re using xbuild to perform the build, thanks to ankit’s recent patches.
14:44 < cj> alarm went off. need to address food.
14:44 < wakko666> i know that mono is already in Fedora.
14:45 < cj> great. any idea what version?
14:45 < wakko666> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=30
14:45 < cj> we’ll need + some patches. This is pretty bleeding edge, but I expect the fedora packagers are as ‘on it’ as the debian folks
14:46 < wakko666> fedora tends to be a bit further ahead of the curve than the debian folks
14:46 < cj> we can supply them the patches required. they are also being merged into the 2.4 branch, so should be in the next official release
14:46 < wakko666> k.. shouldn’t be a problem.
14:47 < cj> here is the tarball we’re using to build the .deb
14:47 < cj> http://github.com/mletterle/ironruby/tarball/20090805+git.e6b28d27
14:49 < cj> most of the stuff you’ll need as far as build commands go are in debian/rules:
14:49 < cj> I’ve got to finish making lunch for kids ;)
14:49 < cj> back shortly.
14:55 < wakko666> cj: my main concern about packaging ironruby is licensing. Fedora will accept packages under the MS-Shared-Source license [ed: this is not at all true.], but the MS-PL isn’t on their list of acceptable license. [ed: it is now.]
14:58 < cj> wakko666: alrighty. jschementi is the guy to talk with about licensing issues. He’ll be back some time soon, I’m sure
14:58 < wakko666> of course, i can always write the spec file and you guys can host your own rpms, but it would be nice to actually get it into Fedora proper.
14:59 < cj> also, MS-PL is dfsg compliant and OSL-approved. Is it a decision to deny MS-PL or that it just hasn’t been reviewed yet?
14:59 < wakko666> not sure. we’d need to ask on the fedora-legal-list mailing list
14:59 < wakko666> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing#SoftwareLicenses
15:00 < cj> alright. at another time. it’s nap time for scarlet and zelda. ;)
15:01 < wakko666> sure thing. if you ping the fedora-legal list, let me know what they have to say.
19:49 < cj> wakko666: firestorm initiated.

dlr-languages packaging

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An update on recent changes to the IronRuby packaging.

  1. We’ve changed the name of the source package because
  2. We’re packaging IronPython as well as IronRuby (thanks doko!)
  3. I’ve added the wrapper scripts (irake, igem, etc.). Maybe this is showing that I’m not a heavy user…
  4. After building meebey’s packages and installing them:
    $ cat /etc/debian_version && apt-cache show mono-xbuild | grep '^Version' | head -1
  5. After installing my build of IronRuby:
    $ apt-cache show ironruby | grep ^Version
    Version: 0.9.0+dfsg-1

IronRuby .deb is looking better

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cjac@dev0:/usr/src/git/alioth$ sudo dpkg -i ironruby-cil_0.9.0+dfsg_all.deb
Selecting previously deselected package ironruby-cil.
(Reading database ... 67034 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking ironruby-cil (from ironruby-cil_0.9.0+dfsg_all.deb) ...
Setting up ironruby-cil (0.9.0+dfsg) ...
cjac@dev0:/usr/src/git/alioth$ which ir
cjac@dev0:/usr/src/git/alioth$ ir
IronRuby on Mono
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

>>> exit

mono- debs will include array comparison patch

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Thanks to Marek being a superhero, we have isolated the changes necessary to fix the compiler from the tag so that we can build IronRuby with xbuild. I’ve delivered the patch to meebey, and he has included it in his debian/patches list.

Without this patch, I was going to have to package up the pathname2 gem and add a dependency on rake and this gem. Ick. Too much work, and we planned to move to xbuild eventually anyhow, so it would have been thrown away as far as I’m concerned.

In addition to this, Ivan has committed Ankit’s character case fix patch to Michael’s git repo.

Now all I’m waiting for is the diff.gz from meebey, then I should be able to get the IronRuby packaging done and commit it to pkg-cli-libs.

But rather than sitting around and waiting for this, I should really clock some billable hours…