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The Pædantic Programmer's LiveJournal

C.J. Adams-Collier
20 August 1979
Well, since nobody else can write in this and I can't write my own biography, I'll write an autobiography in the third person. Not that C.J. is bitter.

C.J. once suggested that users be able to create biographies as well as autobiographies.

C.J. is now a father! His partner in this fiasco is his wonderful, wise, beautiful, ultra-sexy, brilliant, amazing mate, fuzzyredmittens.

C.J. is a geek. Pure and simple. He like sitting in front of his computer (or boxy-headed mistress as some refer to her) and typing for hours each day. This Live Journal thing works just fine for him. He'd like to make some changes, but since nobody seems to like his suggestions, he'll take it as he can get it.

C.J. comes from Kitsap County, home to tractors, white trash, conservative western washingtonians, unhappy native americans, uppity tourist towns, and the world's most worthless (in C.J.'s opinion) software development studio.

Did I mention C.J. was fired once?

But despite all this, C.J. loves Kitsap anyway.

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