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New software, notes about work - The Pædantic Programmer's LiveJournal
New software, notes about work
I installed OOo 2 today. And I connected it to my locally running MySQL database via JDBC. I've been learning a lot about JDBC recently, what with a rash of customers wanting to know how to connect to MaxDB via Java.

I'm also working a bit with Peter Harvey and learning something about ODBC. It seems somewhat more complicated. Perhaps that's because it doesn't have a virtual machine to target. I don't know. They all seem similar to DBI.

I also installed the beta version of Thunderbird. The Debian package was a bit out of date and didn't have index-by-recipient. It was a major hassle for me, so I fixed it.

Ulf and I have been working with a potential customer who has been having issues connecting to his x_server with MaxDB SQL Studio. He was initially reporting that he could not issue a particular query. I tried to get it working locally and put together a little script to build his example database, given a MaxDB Schema file. I put the fruits of my labor online:


It's written in perl. To take it for a spin, run the following:

$ svn co http://colliertech.org/svn/mysql/maxdb/createDB/
$ cd createDB
$ perl createDB.pl -?

In other work-related news, I lost my notes about the Synchronization Manager introduction (verified thanks to my shiny new copy of Thunderbird), so I'm re-building the intro.

I should have a rough draft done by the end of tomorrow.

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