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MaxDB Synch Manager, Part the second: Verifying installation - The Pædantic Programmer's LiveJournal
MaxDB Synch Manager, Part the second: Verifying installation

Welcome to the second installment of my
articles on the MaxDB Synch manager. In the rough draft of the previous article, we covered
installing MaxDB and related client packages.

Launch First Steps

As you will remember from the first article, we are now at the
point of doing what the installer calls launching the first steps.

When the button on the installer is clicked, a brower opens a file
that the installer placed on my hard drive. For those of you without
access to my hard drive, I will post this file on
my web server
for easier viewing. Do note, however that this file
in its current state is out of date, and we do not suggest using it as
a reference.

The document suggests running the sapdbenv.sh script that is placed
into /opt/sdb/MaxDB1/doc/FirstSteps/ directory. This script sets some
environment variables which will be used throughout these articles.
Since my regular user doesn't have permission to it, I will put the
file in my MaxDB folder and run it from there.

$ sudo cp /opt/sdb/MAXDB1/doc/FirstSteps/sapdbenv.sh $HOME/mysql/maxdb/
$ sudo chmod a+rx $HOME/mysql/maxdb/sapdbenv.sh
$ . $HOME/mysql/maxdb/sapdbenv.sh
$ which dbmcli

If the last command does not return the full path to your installed version of dbmcli, you've done something wrong. Feel free to ask me for help.

The documentation forgot one vital step. You will not have the TST database that is mentioned in the FirstSteps tutorial unless you do the following:
$ sudo /opt/sdb/MAXDB1/misc/create_demo_db.sh

You will see some output that tells you the TST database is being created.

We can now continue with the tutorial.
$ dbmcli -d TST -u DBM,DBM db_state # check the state of the database
$ dbmcli -d TST -u DBM,DBM db_offline # stop the database
$ dbmcli -d TST -u DBM,DBM db_online # bring the database back up

Feel free to mix and match the above statements to see what state "offline" and "online" put the database in.

This article is continued in MaxDB Synch Manager, Part the third, still in rough draft form.

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